Why Responsive Web Design Services are Essential for E-Commerce Sites?

12 Oct

Following a drastic change in how people access the internet, the need for a responsive website is undeniable. The role of a professional web design company is apparent in this regard, especially for an e-commerce business.

Technology is an ever-evolving phenomenon. In today’s world, the internet has taken over by storm and e-commerce has been on the rise as well. However, sustaining an e-commerce business in the face of brutal completion from global giants is an incredibly daunting task.

The first step towards that direction is building a responsive website that gives its end users the smoothest possible experience while they shop. Many business owners tend to think that building such a site is a complicated process.However, with the help of a competent miami web design company it’s not as hard as it may seem.

For those who are still unsure whether it is worth the investment, these points will probably change their minds:

  • The shift towards mobile devices

The number of mobile users in Britain is ever on the rise. According to independent surveys, there are around 48.5 million smartphone users in the UK alone;this number is increasing steadily.

It is therefore, no surprise that most people use their smartphones to access the internet and by extension, e-commerce sites. If the site is not fluid and responsive, there’s a good chance that users will not feel enthusiastic about shopping there.

  • Professional web design services can boost SEO ranking

SEO is Google’s way of deciding which sites feature at the top of search results and which ones are dumped to later pages. The sites that get the best rankings are the ones that most people visit.

Google itself recommends responsive websites for better SEO ratings. If a website ranks well in its desktop version, it does not automatically entitle it to the same for mobile devices. The mobile version has to be equally good as well. It ensures that consumers do not miss out on the seamless browsing experience anywhere.

  • Taking advantage of the social media boom

According to estimates, approximately 83% of Britain’s adult population use at least one of the social media sites. Facebook is naturally the most used social media followed by Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest.

E-commerce has permeated into social media too. A significant amount of leads can be generated via social media sites. Any e-commerce site that wishes to leverage that cannot do so without creating a responsive website by a proficient web design company.

It must be quite clear by now how professional web design services can change the fate of e-commerce sites for the better. So, don’t lag behind others in making a responsive e-commerce site and making users fall in love with the shopping experience.