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  •  11/03/2019 03:51 PM

Your Facebook ad creatives and copywriting are among the top ad elements that decide whether your ad campaign succeeds. If a Facebook user is scrolling through Facebook and your ad doesn’t catch their eye, they won’t click on it, end up on your website and they definitely won’t end up converting.

  •  11/01/2019 01:12 PM

By now, you’ve probably heard about Facebook ads. But what you haven’t heard about is how valuable they’ve become. Facebook has continuously improved the ads platform since its launch in 2007 and today, it’s one of the most powerful ways to reach specific buyers for the products you sell. If you don’t already have some winning Facebook ads strategies in your back pocket, then it’s time to get some and you’ve come to the right place!

  •  10/29/2019 04:20 AM

Facebook marketing whether it is a for a blogger, business, author or a musician must achieve the goals you have set out in your marketing strategy and plan. The marketing strategy that you have created will keep you focused and on track otherwise you can be heading off and engaged with all sorts of marketing tactics and activities that don’t achieve much but just keep you busy, distracted and scattered.

  •  10/02/2019 09:38 PM

The toughest part of running any sort of social media campaign? Coming up with new ideas. Marketers are expected to juggle multiple social profiles and keep them up-to-date with fresh posts. It’s tough. Your followers are hungry for new content and you’re expected to deliver on a consistent basis.

  •  09/19/2019 05:24 PM

Have you been doing all you can to get more sales at your online store? If your end-goal is steady, year-round profit, (and whose isn’t?), then you’re going to have to do more than just send out a tweet here and there. It’s going to take constant work and promotion if you want regular customers, and part of that is going to be a willingness to try new tactics, some that might even be out of your comfort zone.

  •  08/29/2019 08:36 PM

Facebook now allows you to choose a multi-product carousel advert. ... This is another great way to advertise without actually selling anything. .... two-third of the ad will be the shoes (primary object) while the final one-third will ...

  •  10/17/2018 03:38 PM

When creating a new online marketing campaign for our customers we are asked about social media, why should you work on it and how that can help. As there are so many social networks, with each being aimed at a different group, sometimes our customers feel overwhelmed and their first reaction is to try and avoid some of them. That is why we took the decision in write about the top ten benefits of social media marketing.