Custom Web Development To Make the Difference for a Country

21 Oct

As you may already know, we have been doing custom web development for over 5 years, and we’ve worked with a lot of different industries and countries around the world, from updating their systems to implementing new technologies into their actual services. Most of these companies are banks and financial entities in need to get up-to-date with their services and looking into bringing better and more modern approaches to their technology so it can benefit their customers. In this one particular case, the company needing our services was one of the biggest property management companies in Aruba in Aruba trying to make their first online payments integration to the Royal Bank of Canadainto their reservation system.

The Challenge.

The challenge was great, and the target was even more significant. It’s not every day you have the opportunity of being the first to accomplish something in a country and being able to make the difference for this company and the Caribbean branch of Royal Bank of Canada was something we did not let pass. After assigning a development team to the project, we placed our senior software engineer as the head of the team. Work started immediately, and results started appearing right away.

Some of our competition had been contracted before to do this project, and none of then was able to accomplish it. That says a lot about our capabilities and knowledge as we were the only company able to integrate Royal Bank of Canada – Caribbean Branch online payments into a website in the whole country of Aruba.

The Approach.

We tackle this project head on with some of out most powerful tools; PHP7, the latest PHP version besides providing us with more speed and stability also include some long-awaited new functions and implementations that are truly delightful for any custom web development. PHP is one of the most well know programming languages in the entire world and this by itself makes it one of the most powerful programming languages for the web.

The Results.

After a lot of work and efforts, we were able to accomplish what other companies competing directly with us were not able to; the full integration of a payment area implemented for Royal Bank of Canada. It is always a great pleasure to achieve what other companies were not able to do. It adds up to a greater sense of accomplishment and gratification.

Aftech Web Solution is being a recognized company for over 5 years and this king f projects is what brings the best of all us and make us grow and a team, I’m personally very moved by the performance and sense if unity of my team and their accomplishments are nothing shorter that admirable.


If you are in need of something and have consistently been told it is impossible, contact us! We may be able to change that opinion and make your dream a reality. If you tried to make your dream online business with other companies and they failed into making it a reality, contact us. We are proud of our custom web development accomplishments, and we are proud of our work. How many of our competitions can sincerely say the same thing?