About Us

About Us

AFTech Web Solutions is committed to excellence and is constantly driven towards providing the best customer support through its best talent and most modern technology for online solutions.


AFTech Web Solutions offer a completely rounded web services. We have the expertise and know-how to deliver web solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors.


AFTech Web Solutions is a well-established, professional design agency based in Miami, Florida & Abuja, Nigeria with years of experience creating, designing and building various types of websites. At AFTech Web Solutions we know that in today`s dynamic online marketplace, organizations are looking for the elegant and User friendly designs that reflects the value of their organization and leaves positive impact in the visitors.

Our team of experienced web designers and developers understands the importance of websites in business and thus, provides you with creative yet cost-efficient custom website design and development services with the best marketing solution.


Our mission is to help small and medium organizations in every business sector penetrate the established and continually expanding global e-commerce market. Through solid business sense, innovation and professional art direction, we help our clients in branding their company & products, launching powerful web brochures, dramatically increasing sales and reducing cost of marketing through a sound marketing plan and solid execution.